Welcome Slave


I offer an extensive amount of Fetish and BDSM services. You can't come into a session expecting it to be as the many porns you have studied and watched. Submission is much more powerful than that, you do not get to feel the same submission while watching porn that you do when serving in real life. I'm here to show you what a true world of female supremacy and domination is like. Teach you that submission goes further then what is portrayed in pornography. 

Maybe you don't know if you're submissive or not, you just feel different or bored.  You're looking for a more open minded connection. Perhaps you're sure you're submissive and ready to finally give up control to a true Mistress, well you've found her. I am here to help you push and explore those boundaries.  Lead you into a world of compliance..where what I say goes, and you love every second of it. Hand me control, and let me take the weight off your shoulders..I'm much better equipped to handle your thoughts and actions. My purpose is to give your life meaning, improve your life just by you being in service to me.


Submission to be is about trust and a bond between Mistress and Slave, I always expect you to communicate with me..not be scared of me but know your place. It's not about thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less, about being of use. Boundaries should be pushed in a space where two people feel comfortable.  And this is why I have a preference towards longer sessions, I like being able to fully explore one another. See if the chemistry is there, if the instinctive submission exists within. 

Fetishes & Kinks I Provide

The following is an extensive lists of BDSM services I am open to in session. Some have fantasies ideas, some are explanations. 

Anal & Strap On

One of the first things I got into as a Dominatrix, I can fuck better then most of you "guys" I have a large assortment of dildos, and anal toys. Including the Drilldo. Can you impress me with your Loose hole? Let's find out. 

Armpit Fetish

I offer armpit worship, cleaning and smothering. Even the smelly kind for you dirty pigs.


Reckless with a boot, but no I will not turn your balls to mush. I do not inflict permanent damage. I just love to crush, maim and kick them as much as they deserve. There wont be permanent damage, but you'll think of me for weeks from that ache in your balls. 


A rough caning across the feet for your bad behaviour sounds in order, bondage is usually needed to keep you still... can you take it as Mistress relentlessly beats your tender soles over and over again.


I am only into consensual non consensual blackmail, I do not do teamviewer. My blackmail is done through a months trial of servitude in which I see if you’re worthy..if proven worthy, I have a blackmail contract to be signed. 

This is only for those who are serious, gift cards of $100  to Inquiries without tribute will be ignored. 

Body Worship

My favourite form of body worship is massages, I do not like to be licked. I do love my feet to be licked. I do not offer breast or pussy worship. Imagine being able to rub my back, my legs and my arms in oil…heaven for you too.

Boot Worship

I have a few pairs of PVC and leather boots, they are always in need of a good boot bitch to clean them. I cater to a dirty boots, boot worship, or just the look themselves. Come bow down at my feet, clean my boots with the brush and then your tongue, and there better not be a spot on them when you’re done.

Breath Control

A slight introduction to some fear play. Erotic asphyxiation, I have many methods of breath control, suffocation..strangulation..smother your face with my big ass. when will you breath again? Maybe I won't let you. 

Candle Wax

More intense then what you'd see in the movies, like pouring hot fire onto yourself. Great to mix with sensory deprivation or sensory play.. 


You've been a naughty boy, haven't you? Need to be punished, caning is for the extremely bad. Those who really need to be taught a lesson, bruising it to be expected with this one. 


Men only think with their dicks, and all it does is get them in trouble. Having control of it makes them dumb, thats why they deserve to be locked up. Maybe then they could actually be productive members of society, little cock locked men is what the world needs.

Cock and Ball Torture

One of my favourites, perhaps because cock and balls on you are useless anyways? Differs from busting because torture is more intense and drawn out..the goal isn't to smash but to mangle your little prick. I have lots of devices for this one, and I’m also really skilled with torture by hand…a squeeze there, a scratch here..

Corporal Punishment

Torture of the body..for the true pain sluts who know exactly what they deserve. Caning, floggings, whips, otk spankings etc. You've been a bad little bitch, haven't you? Let me teach you your lesson, I’ll beat it into you.Tie your hands so you can move, and whip you senseless. 

Cross Dressing

I love men comfortable in cute women wear, a man who is comfortable in pretty women's clothes is a friend of mine. Though I do not have an extensive amount of feminization gear myself.

Crush Fetish

Crushing Fetish, my pretty toes crushing food, crushing your face, crushing your balls. Whatever needs to be crushed, my feet are willing to oblige. 


These are not for new clients, but those who are returning and have discussed with me in person. UNLESS you are willing to pay a fee to show you are serious, $100 gift card to My black boyfriend has a drool worthy cock, it makes me not want another..Imagine how you’d feel. 

Dinner Domination

Perfect if you enjoy public humiliation or are curious about beginning, from mild to hard. Light cues to waiters and servers or hard ones, verbally abusing you in front of everyone, only letting you eat my scraps..not letting you speak because you're a useless imbecile. This one can be a lot of fun.. 

Domestic Servitude

Want to be my sissy maid? Domestic servitude can be in ways of cleaning, errands, driving..a domestic duty to your Mistress. Check out my Slave Positions page.


Bringing you to the edge to only not let you cum, maybe just keep repeating the process till you've come so close so many times, it feels impossible to even cum anymore. Edge Play can be fun, teasing..maybe a little painful 

Electro Torture

My wand makes the tip of your cock Pulse and twitch, till you can't take it anymore, you feel like you're going to cum or cry and you're not sure which one first! At this time I don't know have any electric insertion toys.


Boot camp time you fat useless Lard! Mistress has planned out a strenuous and humiliating exercise plan so you can finally lose that extra weight.

Financial Domination

I can offer this in ways through session, both in real time and online. Any inquiries about this fetish require tribute, any emails without tribute will be ignored. $100 through to I also offer a longterm financial domination, daily costs slaves, shopping slaves, errands slaves, cashmeets or for slaves looking to fully serve in financial domination, also refer to the FinSub section of Slave Positions. Long term is a power exchange relationship.


May require training for some…have you ever fantasized about having a girl able to put her whole hand in your loose ass? Or thought about having your ass stretched large enough for it to be punched open? I promise its not painful, unless I make it to be. 

Foot Worship

I adore a slave who can properly worship, clean, lick, and massage my feet till they’re fully relaxed. After spending a day on my feet, this is almost a must. Every Goddess needs a good foot bitch. Ill make you gag, sputter, and enjoy every minute of it.

Forced Bi

Turning men into cock lovers is always fun, I have a male submissive to use who tops and bottoms and for longer session I even do outings to the bathhouse, glory holes or even to just a gay club to pick up a a girls night out 😉

Forced Feminization

Let me transform you into the perfect sissy slut? I know how to make you talk like a slut, we’re throwing out your boxers, panties only from now on, I’ll teach you how to walk like a slut and wear make up like one. Im going to make you forget how to be a “man” and you’re going to love it.

Golden Showers



Open wide, and drink all my sweet golden nectar. Makes you feel like MY dirty little dog doesn’t it? Its all you’ll be drinking, when you eat, when you wake up, when you go to sleep at night. No water, no juice, my champagne only. 

Hair Worship

Rare BUT LOVED. Brush my hair, rub my scalp, maybe if you’re super lucky I’ll even let you wash it.

Human Furniture

Be the mat that I rub my feet on when I come home for the day..Be the table that holds my dinner and wine, the footstool that holds my feet up on it as I watch movies at night…The throne I sit on as I am worshipped. My ashtray as I smoke a joint. You are now referred to as “it” you are a thing, not a person.



Extremely clear how advanced of a Humiliatrix I am, it goes further then verbal. I love humiliation of the mind, body and spirit to keep a slave humbled. Physical humiliation, verbal, mental,public. I love letting men know exactly what I think of them, and having them perform tasks for me. Have them degrade themselves purely for my joy and amusement. This is a must for me from those considering long term, those unwilling to be broken down, stripped raw and trained are not for me. 


Public isn't required but I adore it...from mild to serious. I feel no shame in people seeing me walk my slave, or making him do publicly humiliating tasks..the amusement is worth it. 


You know you’re not worth my attention, so you pay and you pay but it’ll never be enough, you’re pathetic. Keep trying in hopes that you’ll be good enough some day. Sit at my feet, do your best, talk, buy me thing and I’ll pay attention to everything but you!

Nylon/Pantyhose Fetish

my beautiful long legs in silky nylons. You love the feel, so smooth. And thats why when we put you in them, you instantly feel in love. They feel so good on your legs, especially when you keep them shaved. So silky.

Orgasm Control

You don't get to cum until I say so.. Maybe that'll be a week or a day, doesn't matter how much you beg. What I say goes. Make you jerk it off, and then tell let you know that you aren't allowed orgasms for a week.

Pet Play

Are you a good doggy? Come be my pet..i’ll train you, sit, roll over…only be allowed to eat from dog bowls on the floor, like the mutt you are and when you’re bad dog, you’ll get punished. 

Ruined Orgasms

I’m going to tease you till you’re about to burst, my ass is out of this world. It shaking in your face is to much to handle, I say don’t cum…. i jerk you once twice and you’re cumming, and then the jerking stops and it turns to punches, and The feeling of pleasure has now turned to pain. Your orgasm has been ruined, your pathetic cock hurts down to the balls.

Sensory Deprivation

Lets put you in my hood, you won’t be able to hear or see, music is turned on and then you’re Tied up and even more defenseless..will I just leave you there or will I torture you, you won’t see whats coming. The tension of waiting for me to do something is overwhelming, you hear the sound of something like a lighter flick..but you’re not sure because the music is drowning it out..

Slave Training

This is the setting of my Daily Life sessions. A high protocol bdsm setting. This is for those who completely identify as a slave, this will be a large set of rules that usually take time to learn due to how extensive they are. A list will be sent out before session, so that you can learn MY specific protocol.

Slut Training

Read "Forced Feminization" 


I do enjoy smothering, but I am severe and you can expect not being able to breath around the swells on my larger ass... this is never done bare, or with lingerie.


You’re good for nothing, open your mouth and let me empty my fluids into you. Drench your face in my spit. The way it looks coming out of my lips making you enjoy it, being treated like the sidewalk humbles you. It pleases you to be the sidewalk Mistress gets to spit on.  

Sweat Fetish

I’ve just come back from a yoga and gym session, I’m drenched in  sweat. My back has it gathered at the top of my leggings, my armpits have it running down my arms, my feet just stink. I need a slave willing clean the areas I wish to be cleaned, and beg for the ones I don’t. 

Tease and Denial

I lay heavily on the side of denial. I love begging, it just  brings out the NO in me. Just me standing there in Bra and Panties makes your brain go wild, and your little dick twitch at the thought of naughty things you’re too pathetic for. Standing over you, with my ass shaking, keep dreaming loser boy. You only see what i want, when I want. I toy with your mind, using my body. My perky tits bouncing around, you dream of it. But you’ll never get it.

Total Power Exchange

This is for a full time slavery position, I love power exchanges. Though these dynamics take a long time to evolve, and should not just be jumped into. Hand me full control of your life, all decisions great and small. I act as your brain, you don’t even go to the bathroom without my OK.


Full weight, half weight. Either way, I’ll run all over you, use you as my trampoline. Smash your head into the ground, trample your lungs till you can’t breathe. It barely takes effort to win against you, you call yourself a man?


Head scissors till you pass out, I’m nowhere near as small as the pictures portray. At 5’8 and 140lbs, I’ll crush you with my thighs. Ill smother you with my ass, my arms were made to choke men in between my biceps.

Hard Limits

★ Facesitting is not done bare or with lingerie, shorts are the smallest clothing I will smother with.

★ No blowjobs, hand jobs (self release allowed though, if permitted in the session) 

★ No sex, being oral or penetration. 

★ I am not submissive or a switch. 

★ No Hardsports.

★ No sounding, needles or cutting.

★ No animals.

★ No cumming on me, unless it is my boots and you have my explicit permission. 

★ Do not ask me to take my clothes off, I do sometimes but not at your request. If anything, its quite counterproductive and I will end up clothed the entire time.