Rates for Regular Sessions



Regular sessions are for the "submissive" who likes to escape and let his controls go for a while, to allow me to think and be the Brains of his operation for a shorter amount of time. These are more involved and intense type sessions, with the focus largely on the sexual aspects of D/S. 

30 mins Fetish Sessions are no more then 2 fetishes, and not outside these fetishes: Foot, Spitting, Golden, Heel/Boot, CFNM, Anal/Strap On, Smothering, Wrestling, Face Slapping, Latex/Leather

350  •  1 Hour

600 •  2 Hours

850 •  3 Hours 

1100 • 4 Hours 

Rates for "Daily Life" Slave Sessions

Daily slave sessions consist of longer hours, in a more power exchange relationship. They would be in Medium or High Protocol household setting. This is for slaves who wish to perhaps experience what being  a full-time slave is like or who wish they could be full-time but are unable to be. Though there is playtime, it is not the only focus of these sessions.

1000  •  5 Hours

1600  •  8 Hours

1800  •  10 Hours

2000 •  12 Hours

3000  •  A Full Day, for those who are interested into full time servitude. Enough time to explore boundaries, and get to know each other in an intimate environment. 

5000  •  A Weekend, maybe wifeys gone for the weekend or it's time for an experience you'll always remember.

7000  •  A Full Week of Absolute Submission, you finally were able to go on that vacation at my feet. No responsibilities or thoughts but those regarding me, as it should be. Full control for a week handed to me, leave all your stress at my door.

Anything past a week should be discussed as a long term slave position. You can look at my Lifestyle Slave or House Slave sections. 

Long Distance Training


I offer long distance or online sessions for those who are not near, or nervous to meet in person at first....My basic online training would be through Skype or Snapchat.

Skype Sessions;

$100 for 20 minutes

$150 for 30 minutes

$180 for 40 minutes

$200 for every hour


$50 a picture

$100 a video

$50 for 25 messages

$200 package {15 messages, 2 videos, 2 pictures}

$300 package {25 messages, 3 videos, 4 pictures or 4 videos and 1 picture}