House Slaves

Being a house slave is a commitment, this is not for those who are just submissive but for those who are complete slaves. This will be part-time possibly leading into a full-time position if I find you suitable to my needs.

I live the lifestyle of a dominant, I truly believe slaves are there to make my life easier in every way they can. It goes deeper then "playtime" to me, I enjoy having submissives. I build relationships with them, I treat them very well. I love the constant control, the feeling of having you under continual control. I dislike those who cannot commit themselves to one Mistress do not contact me strictly out of curiosity of what this could be. This is for SERIOUS Slaves, there will be interviews conducted. Testing to see if you are up to par on what I want. This is not simple even from the beginning, so do not waste either of our times.



General Requirements:

★ Ability to function in a medium-high protocol BDSM household 

★ Not a student, going through college looking for "free" fun, because this is the opposite. Its a job. 

★ The ability to always go above and beyond expectations.

★ Loyalty, Respect, Class and Maturity.



Every Princess needs someone to bring her wine when she needs it, serve it to her and then wait silently till she needs more, holding the wine glass without slipping a drop. 

In this position, your tribute will be the wine you bring and the servitude itself. You must be comfortable around a male presence. Must be comfortable in lingerie, or completely naked with your cock tucked away. I will only require you for approx 6-8 hours a week, mostly on weekends.



I am extremely particular about the cleanliness of my home. This is not for someone who will half ass, it won't get you punished.. It will make you loose your position. 

You will be expected to do dishes, clean bathrooms, clean toys, do laundry, and any other chores around the house I might have you do. Always remember though, I expect gleaming perfection in everything that you do. Maids outfit is required to be worn. Must be available often. Tribute required is your servitude, though those who worship and give presents will stick around much longer, because they will be more liked.


Errand Boy

Mistress is busy very often, or at least she has better things to do then run around the city for things she needs. That is your job. Dry cleaning, Groceries, whatever odd things I need picked up, put my laundry away, put the groceries away, grab my take out food, drive me where is will be needed both in and out of the house. The life of an errand boy is very busy, tribute is taking care of any of the items needed by me. I will never hand you money for things. This job requires flexible hours.



I will make something clear about this position, CUCKS ALWAYS PAY. For everything.

This is a serious position to me and my Alpha. We will not just be taking in anyone, only those extremely worthy. His 9" inch is too impressive for just you must have an impressive job, and love BBC in PAWGS. You will be required to take us to dinners, take us shopping, dream about tasting his cock but be laughed at when you ask, eat cum like this guy (no pussy eating for your pathetic ass), give me massages...and much more. 



Essentially you better be a chef, or an amateur self taught chef because my food expectations are high and I wont be settling for a slave unless he can cook better then me, and I am an amazing cook.

Your tribute is generally your servitude but if I request a meal, sometimes you may have to grab the items because I don't. A flexible schedule is needed. Must be comfortable around and cooking for my Alpha male as well.



This is a carpentry position, a slave who is good with their hands and can help me with building my dungeon..that means having all the means to do so, that will be your tribute. Your servitude, and the items you make me. This position requires flexible hours, and I will most likely want to be there with you while you take care of building. 

This position will extend into my house eventually, construction experience is an asset. 



A slave who can help in the editing process of my videos is always needed, I am quite familiar with iMovie 10 now but editing is time consuming. A tech savvy slave to help with editing and filming is key to a Fetish Model. Do not be an amateur at this, I expect Professionalism. This could also extend into help with social media and other technologies I deal with. 

Tribute is your servitude and devotion to my needs. Must be fairly available to me. 


Shopping Slave

A shopping slave is fairly self explanatory, you shop for what I need, when I need it. 

Sometimes this may consist of taking me out to shop, others this may mean going to grab something I had wanted but didn't pick up myself, sometimes it could also mean I saw something I wanted online and its your responsibility to buy it. Taste in fashion is a must. I prefer someone who could make it like a "girlfriends" thing, so no masculine types.


House Slave Application

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How often will you be available to Princess Mia?*
You understand that serving Princess Mia always requires some form of tribute?*
whether that is servitude, gifts or both
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