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Bookings, Cancellations & No Shows



Booking Inquiries can be made through email, or my booking form. I prefer at LEAST an hour to prepare for an appointment, though bookings are easiest to schedule with 6-36 hours notice especially for some services offered. Always read my website, so that you do not inquire about sessions I do not offer. It only wastes both our times.

When inquiring about sessions through email, include your age, gender, your previous experiences, your personal favourite kinks and fetishes, your soft and hard limits, what you identify as (slave, sub, fetishist etc) and of course when you were looking to book an apppointment for. 

My speciality is D/S dynamics, I do see fetishists, kink explorers and non submissives but I should be notified prior to a session if you do not identify as a submissive so I can make sure the session is planned accordingly. Although the sessions are similar, its a different mindset within them. 


On the day of the appointment, I require a confirmation of the appointment one hour prior to the set time. At that time, and no sooner will I give you the address. If you do not confirm, that is a No Show. If something has come up, please notify me of the cancellation before your confirmation time to avoid a No Show hassle. If you cancel after confirming, I will require the full tribute and you will be blacklisted from seeing me till that is paid. There is no fee for cancelling before confirmation.

If I receive constant bookings from you, that are never serious, or have constant cancellations I will also request 50% of your tribute in advance to book your time, and if you cancel again that will be your loss. In the case of a no show, you will have to prepay for your next session, and pay a $100 no show fee.

Mistress' Code Of Conduct

Though I am kind, and talkative and prefer a responsive submissive…It does not draw away from me being in control. I may ask your opinion, do not think it means that we are playing by your rules. Respect is always required, my rules are to always be followed or you will be told to leave. I don’t like testy submissives, be honest and straight forward. Listen to what I say, respond, be respectful and everything will go well.

★ I am always to be addressed as Mistress, Princess Mia (not just Princess), Goddess or Miss. Do not call me other stupid pet names. 

★ I am not into forced play, unless it is a consensual non consensual sense. In that you request it to be forced, and I do not inflict permanent damage.

★ Ask to touch me, do not just put your hands on me, even places as simple as my ankle. Do not touch without Permission. 

★ I do not accept any hard drugs under my roof, 420 friendly only. 

★ I am not looking for a submissive husband, or boyfriend. I do not engage in sexual activity with you, no oral or penetration.

★ Bargaining my rates, will only get you ignored and blacklisted. If you can’t afford it, that is not my issue. I have many offerings at many prices, figure something out.

★ Do not continuously contact me, if I haven’t contacted you back, it’s because I do not find our interest align.

★ Do not try to talk sexually or make me humiliate you via text, email or call without tribute. You will be blacklisted.


❤︎ I appreciate a slave who openly communicates with me about stress he has towards playtime activities, I’m not here to burden you, but the opposite. Communication is key in a D/S dynamic. 

❤︎ I appreciate a slave who goes into a session with an open mind, I like exploring limits. I understand some limits, but some are also meant to be pushed. A slave who is open to giving himself wholly for his Mistress is ideal to me.


★ When seeking a session with me, for a request such as strap on play, an enema is required before meeting. If you haven’t cleaned yourself properly, and there is an in session issue, the session will be terminated immediately. 

★ Although a session is a sexual and intimate environment, and playtime is about pleasure… these sessions are not in any way me engaging in sexual conduct with you.

★ Any sexual advances that make me uncomfortable will also end in the automatic termination of the session. 

★ You are fully aware that some aspects to BDSM can pose some risks, and I am not at fault for any injuries as they were requested of me. 

★ You are aware that if any of my above rules are broken, that the session with be terminated and you will be asked to leave. 


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